Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia 2.1

Mobile version of the original Prince of Persia


  • Faithful to the original
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Three enjoyable game modes


  • Controls can be imprecise

Very good

Prince of Persia is a mobile version of the original platform game with revamped modern-day graphics.

Your mission in Prince of Persia is to navigate your way through the cavernous levels, solving puzzles and defeating enemies in order to rescue the princess, who has been enslaved in a tower by the evil king.

Prince of Persia plays out exactly the same as the original platform game. This means that it is a highly enjoyable adventure that you'll be playing for some time. There are three game modes included: standard, timed, and survival. The latter is a real test even for experienced gamers, since you're given only 30 minutes and just one life in order to save the princess.

The graphics in Prince of Persia are a significant improvement on the original DOS version of the game, showing you how far gaming has come in the last few years. Animation is slick, backgrounds are detailed and the physics are better than the original.

The on-screen controls in Prince of Persia feature a directional pad and three action buttons for running, jumping and crouching. We found the controls to be a little imprecise at times, and this is the obvious drawback the mobile version of Prince of Persia has over the original, joystick-based game.

Prince of Persia is a lovingly crafted recreation of a classic platform adventure game, which will keep you occupied for hours.

Prince of Persia


Prince of Persia 2.1

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